Don't Miss the World Premiere of SONG OF MY MOTHER

There will be another screening from the Competition Programme - Features tonight (20 August) at the National Theatre. SONG OF MY MOTHER is Erol Mintaş’s directorial debut.

The film tells the story of a young teacher Ali who lives with his aging mother Nigar in Istanbul's Tarlabaşı district, home to many Kurdish refugees. The gentrification of the city forces them to move for a second time. Nigar is convinced that her old neighbours have all moved back to their Kurdish village. Every morning she packs her belongings and sets out to return to her village. She roams the city, in search of her village and in search of the song that keeps returning in her dreams.

Erol Mintaş was born in Kars, Turkey. He graduated from Marmara University and his two short films were acclaimed nationally and internationally. SONG OF MY MOTHER is a co-production between Turkey, France and Germany, with support from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and the CNC Cinema du Monde Fund.  

The world premiere of the film will take place at 22:30.

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