Following the omnibus A QUINTET, the Competition Programme - Features brought us a world premiere. You could watch THREE WINDOWS AND A HANGING on 19th August at the National Theatre.

THREE WINDOWS AND A HANGING is a story set in post-war Kosovo. In a traditional village where life is gradually being rebuilt, the schoolteacher Lushe is driven by her conscience to give an interview to an international journalist. During the interview, Lushe admits that she and three other women from the village were raped by Serbian soldiers. When the men from the village find out that it was Lushe who spoke to the journalist, they start a hate campaign against her and her little boy.

The director Isa Qosja was born in 1947, in Vuthaj, Montenegro. He graduated from the High School of Dramatic Arts and Acting in Prishtina and holds a degree in theatre and film directing from the Film Academy in Belgrade. His 2005 feature KUKUMI received a Special Jury Award at the 11th Sarajevo Film Festival.

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