Paweł Pawlikovski’s IDA at HT Eronet Open Air Cinema

On Tuesday (19 August), you can watch IDA, by the Polish director Paweł Pawlikowski, at HT Eronet Open Air Cinema. The film is part of the Kinoscope programme.

The film takes place in 1962 and follows eighteen-year-old Anna who is preparing to become a nun at the convent where she has lived since she was orphaned as a child. Anna learns that she has an aunt, her mother's sister Wanda, whom she must visit before taking her vows. Together, the two women embark on a voyage of discovery of each other and their past. Anna learns that her aunt is not only a former hard-line Communist state prosecutor notorious for sentencing priests and others to death, but also a Jew.

Pawlikowski was born in Warsaw but left Poland at the age of fourteen to live in Germany and Italy, before moving to Great Britain in 1977. He studied literature and philosophy in London and Oxford and started making films in the mid-1980s. His early work was in documentaries for the BBC.

In 1998, he shifted his focus to feature films with the small budget made-for-TV film TWOCKERS, which he co-wrote and directed with Ian Duncan and which is strongly rooted in his early experience with documentary film. This was followed by two feature films, LAST RESORT and MY SUMMER. Both won BAFTA awards, as well as other awards at festivals around the world.

The screening will take place at 20:30.

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