Agnès B. and Gael García Bernal Recipients of the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo

Director and creator Agnès B. and Mexican actor Gael García Bernal received the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo at the gala opening ceremony.

The Mexican actor Gael García Bernal received the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo at the HT Eronet Open Air Cinema during the opening ceremony of the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival.

Following the ceremony, the audience had the opportunity to watch the opening night film—AMORES PERROS, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and starring Bernal.

The majority of films that Bernal has worked on demonstrate his deep commitment to art and a serious, mindful and caring relationship towards his homeland, the situation in Latin America and the lives of its citizens in general, especially concerning issues of poverty and migration.  Together with Diego Luna, Pablo Cruz and Elena Fortes, Bernal founded Ambulante, a Mexican non-profit organization for the promotion of documentary films as a tool for social change.

Agnès B., a long-time friend and patron of the Sarajevo Film Festival who created the visual identity of the Festival (the Heart of Sarajevo), received an Honorary Heart of Sarajevo at the National Theatre, during a gala opening ceremony, after which the film BRIDGES OF SARAJEVO, an omnibus by thirteen directors with thirteen stories about Sarajevo throughout history, was screened.

The film MY NAME IS HMMM... directed by Agnès B. will be screened as part of the Special Screenings programme.

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