OF HORSES AND MEN by Benedikt Erlingsson Opened the Kinoscope

This year’s Kinoscope program, offering 21 inspiring films by both renowned filmmakers and talented newcomers, is opened on August the 15th, at the Meeting Point Cinema.

The latest film by Benedikt Erlingsson, OF HORSES AND MEN, has the honour of opening this programme, in which every year we show you feature and documentary films from all over the world.

This is a country romance in which love and death become interlaced with immense consequences. OF HORSES AND MEN is a feature film about the human streak in the horse and the horse in the human. The stories in the film are intertwined and each tells of the struggles in the lives of men and horses in this fleeting world.

Benedikt Erlingsson is one of the most successful Icelandic stage directors of the past decade.  He has received several Grima awards (Icelandic theatre awards). He has acted in a number of film, including Lars von Trier's THE BOSS OF IT ALL. He has directed two short films: THANKS (2007) and THE NAIL (2008).

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