The Most Eminent World Film Magazines Cover the SFF

This year as well, representatives of the most eminent domestic, regional, and world media are showing great interest for the Sarajevo Film Festival, which represents one more proof that Sarajevo has become the unavoidable spot on the world festivals map.

Between August 16th and August 24th, they will carry forward a part of the atmosphere from the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival, but also from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which during the nine Festival days transforms entirely and lives according to the rhythm of the most eminent film festival in this part of Europe.

Sarajevo Film Festival’s Press office has recorded the unprecedented number of applications by the media representatives from all around the world, and we should emphasize that, among the most eminent domestic and regional media, the most eminent world film magazines and portals, among which there are Screen International, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire, will cover the Sarajevo Film Festival.  

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