World Premiere of ENTANGLEMENT

Competition Programme – Feature Film brought us the first world premiere of the year. ENTANGLEMENT, by the Turkish director Tunç Davut, was shown at the National Theatre.

 As seasonal forest workers, brothers Kemal and Cemal struggle with an uncertain future, living in a house inherited from their father on the outskirts of a village in the West of Turkey, by the Black Sea. Intending to begin a new life, Nalân, a decent woman, arrives one day with Kemal, and quickly adopts the house as her own. Although her presence soothes Cemal, who feels shaken by his mother’s recent death, it deepens a growing rift between the two brothers. Torn between leaving and staying, Nalân opens herself up to Cemal’s compassionate world. In this inevitably inextricable situation, all three sink into their own despair. Hoping to reconcile their relationship after Nalân’s departure, the brothers carry on living like two strangers sharing the same house.

Tunç Davut studied Cinema and Television in Eskişehir and Istanbul. His first work is a short film THE FORK based on a story by Bilge Karasu. His career in the film and media industry to date includes several TV films, TV series and commercials of exceptional quality. His first feature film ENTANGLEMENT is supported by Ministry Of Culture’s Production Fund.

Screening of ENTANGLEMENT took place at the National Theatre at 20:00.

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