CHILDREN OF TRANSITION Closed the Competition Programme - Documentaries

The Competition Programme - Documentaries at the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival officially closed on Friday (22 August) with a screening of CHILDREN OF TRANSITION by Matija Vukšić.

THE CHILDREN OF TRANSITION follows the childhood of David, Natalija, Lana and Marta. The film investigates the position of children in contemporary consumer society.  What constructs a happy childhood and healthy upbringing and are they at all possible in a society that has yet to reach its own maturity? This is a film about the environment we are creating for our shared future.

Matija Vukšić was born in 1982 in Čakovec, Croatia. He holds a degree in documentary directing obtained in 2011 from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.  His documentary film BENJAMIN, about a 17-year-old Roma boy's search for identity, has won the Grand Prix of the Early Bird Film Festival in Sofia.

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