The World Premiere of I AM BESO

Film I AM BESO, by Giorgij Tskvitinidze, screened on Friday (22 August) as part of the Competition Programme - Feature film.

The film tells the story of Beso, a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in a poor family in a remote Georgian village. As a way to escape the harsh reality, Beso writes rap songs and records himself on a tape recorder, dreaming that one day he will be a successful rapper. When his brother Leri suddenly runs away from home, Beso becomes the only man in the family, forcing him to step out of his childhood innocence.

Giorgi Tskvitinidze was born in 1988 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He studied film directing at the State University in Tbilisi. In 2011, he made a no-budget in independent film, HOBUN. In 2012, he was a participant at the Talent Campuses at film festivals in Sarajevo and Berlin.

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